Marc Bombenon

Marc BombenonMarc Bombenon remembers his earlier years when he was determined to get a business up and running, to get the financing, hire the people and manage a first-class communications company. While his enthusiasm and persistence were at unshakeable levels, his experience glass was over three-quarters empty. He was always wondering about things. How did others do it? Who do they talk to? Where did they learn about it? What do they do next? Every day was a new day and Marc imagined that if he could just find someone that had all, some, or anyone answer, that would save him the time and the expense of a missed step or lost opportunity. How many times should he have zigged instead of zagged. Marc began to realize we all go through that.

It has always been true that Marc Bombenon passion and background, both in education and work experience, lay in communications. His first inspiration came from a well known 60”s TV show called Star Trek. While the Warp drive and Transporter seemed a little far-fetched, the flip open communicator and the face to face communications, put on the main viewer, was a glimpse of things to come. Marc leaped into communications, starting with pagers, followed by two-way radios, cellular phones, including the first ever Motorola flip phone (Star Trek fans), and the high-speed internet and wireless data, which offers us video conferencing and mobile face time.

An essential aspect of communications is, that while we produce new communication technology at an incredible speed, the data we need to transfer is most often locked away in a person’s mind. Once we can tap into everyone’s subconscious experiences and pull out the answers we need (censored and controlled by some electronic Neural Personal Privacy Police), we will have the essence of the information we need to truly grow as individuals, without doubt, hesitation, errors, and regret. But in the meantime, what about experienced and wiser people sharing with the eager and high energy people?

After passionately spending a few years working on a global Mentorship initiative with the WPO International (World Presidents Organization), Marc Bombenon felt there was a much broader opportunity to share and care about one another, and to foster some best practices, be a sounding board when needed, and share experiences, both good and bad. We often gloss over the good, but we certainly remember the bad. While mistakes are viewed by many as necessary to remind us of how to better do something, or avoid something, the caring is sharing that with another so that they don’t fall victim to the same problem or even hurt.


Pairing a Mentor with a Protégé is very much like dating. It is really matchmaking. Protégé’s have a specific field or interest and therefore it is important to start with the highest level business background, and then look at the other elements to better pair people together. This includes areas of expertise and experience, gender, age, location, and cultural alignments, among a number of other important pairing criteria. Also, the pairing period is relatively short. The agreement between the parties is limited to 12 months, however the friendships and bonds may ultimately last a lifetime. We also hope to foster more Mentors coming out of the Protégé’s in future years, in a sort of pay it back philosophy of sharing and caring. Mentor’s have also found great benefits they wouldn’t have imagined. Mentor’s have often commented about the gain in understanding a younger generation’s viewpoint and motivations, a better understanding of current and upcoming daily technologies, and the impacts of social media and other current innovations that have become the norm. But the single biggest emotional experience Mentor’s have been the satisfaction of helping and giving back. “He who keeps the most to himself when he dies is not the winner.” While your personal diary, notes, journal or “Captain’s Log” of your experiences may keep all the information from being trapped in your mind of your death, it doesn’t allow for an explanation and association for another needing and wanting the information. Since this concept is like professional “experience dating,” Marc Bombenon called his online Mentorship website

The voyage begins with an idea, some specific background, experience, and a passion to match two people on a short, but the extremely beneficial journey together. Marc Bombenon is proud to give back in this manner. Stay tuned at